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Should Britney's Dad Get to Stay in Control?

Should Britney's Dad Get to Stay in Control?

Beyond her new hobby as a dance instructor and finally better-looking hair, things have been pretty quiet with Britney since she was released from the hospital last week. Jamie Spears is still in control of Britney's estate at this point, but today there will be a hearing to determine whether or not his role as conservator will be extended. So, tell us — do you think Britney's dad should get to stay in control of her life?

Update: Britney's dad will remain her conservator until at least March 10, when the next hearing on the matter is scheduled to take place.


demeter demeter 9 years
He's taking much better control of her life than she is!!
benna benna 9 years
Of course, she seems to be doing better.
XpsX XpsX 9 years
there's still a long way be4 she could completely be FINE again. wish her luck
mystery2me mystery2me 9 years
Of COURSE he should remain as conservator. The treatment of mental illness and/or prescription drug addiction (what *was* Osama force-feeding her?) does not happen overnight. Her recent return to normality is great, but she has to be able to sustain normality by herself before taking control back over her estate. That estate needs to be protected from vultures, and she is not strong enough for that role yet. It should be a gradual process, not an overnight thing. There's no such thing as a magic cure... IMO she should still be healing and getting counseling in a clinic somewhere far, far from LA.
Betty7 Betty7 9 years
I like her jacket. She looks better here than usual.
italianblonde italianblonde 9 years
Yay..her hair looks good!
RustyAngel73 RustyAngel73 9 years
I clicked on the wrong one! I meant to click "Yes — She's still a long way away from being able to take care of herself!" but accidentally clicked no.
Dollylo Dollylo 9 years
Totally YES! Her life seems to be much better now! ;)
creepupmytee creepupmytee 9 years
I really hope things pick up for Britney. she's lost so much time.
AntoniaC AntoniaC 9 years
I think it's an issue of basic human rights. It's disgusting the state can take away all the power in you life because of "abhorrent behavior". This is some california bought and paid for justice.
Re88 Re88 9 years
No. I think this will cause her to rebel even more. I'm starting to think she doesnt have a mental illness,she is just not all together. Not every "crazy" person has a mental illness
gmrjr59 gmrjr59 9 years
I am glad and I hope she gets better... that's all I'm going to say.
marybethrizalucy marybethrizalucy 9 years
Again, I am willing to bet that Britney Spears, who I have always been a fan of, has a drug problem and maybe she has some sort of mental illness. The only people that have denied drugs as being an issue are Alli and Sam. They only say this to hide their own problems. I think people tend to gravitate towards the mental issue because it sounds better and it's easier to feel sorry for that in this society.
missk29 missk29 9 years
pinkprincess said it all
Mykie7 Mykie7 9 years
Christina, I'll bet dollars to donuts Adnan DID have to sign one before Jamie let him back in. Just because we haven't heard it, doesn't mean it's not there ya know? Woop, think about it. This isn't a situation where a "normal" adult is having their life managed, this is a very sick girl that needs help. Her family is just about the only one that can give it to her. Even other people that are mentally ill INITIALLY need help before they can manage their own lives. Once they've helped them obtain the tools they need to cope and get them on a good medication regimen, then it's time to loosen the reigns. Pink, good for you! BUT, you're still guiding him and giving him the opportunities to do things on his own. People with Bi-Polar disease or Schizophrenia many times revert to being children when in the grip of their diseases. It takes retraining for them to learn to cope again. I'm sure as a parent if your son started veering off the road you'd steer him right again. That's what I see Jamie Spears doing for his daughter, because for so long, those that have been "managing" her have been steering her down the dead ends.
t-t09 t-t09 9 years
her outfit and hair is cute in this pic
Mykie7 Mykie7 9 years
This one is a big DUH! I think Brit is on the mend, but if they pull Daddy away as conservator she'll fall again. It took her a long time to get to this point and it's going to take a long time for her to get back to herself again. Leave Daddy on, Keep Sam and Adnan away, and let her heal. That's what's important.
kayleigh83 kayleigh83 9 years
Absolutely he should still be in control! One week of less than usual crazy behaviour does NOT prove she is in control of her senses yet!
kurniakasih kurniakasih 9 years
Well, honestly..she's an adult who should take care of herself. But it seems like her dad being a conservator has done good (no crazy news about her..YET) so if anything I'd hope that he'd be around her and the ones who really mean well for her.
MFOX4 MFOX4 9 years
Well stated, Nashia. I agree. There are varying degrees of mental illness. Some manic depressives are committed to institutions. others are able to manage their illness with meds and can take care of their own affairs.
nashia nashia 9 years
well that was a run on
nashia nashia 9 years
I gotta say that Britney's situation reminds me of my mom. Except my mom is schizophrenic and she regresses to a childlike state not a british chick and when she doesn't take her pills(can't make her)she sees all sorts of things. I believe her father should remain in control. Only because she has been twice hospitalized for being a danger to herself and others. I do feel for her but only because of my own situation. Eventually she should take responsibilty for herself, but until then...besides hasn't she always been Daddy's girl anyway. And who better equipped to know what she needs than someone who has been there
Woop Woop 9 years
Dang, i just also read that: "A judge has granted a request to have Britney's older brother Bryan be named as the trustee of his sister's trust. 30-year-old Bryan and attorney Ivan Taback have been granted the authority to serve as co-trustees." Sounds like he and his attorney asked for this? I wonder why the brother has to be involved? :ponder:
angelinemarie angelinemarie 9 years
yay, she got new extensions and dyed her hair!
Christina23559 Christina23559 9 years
Wow that is sad that Brit is truly considered "News" worthy.
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