Sienna graces January's cover of W Magazine in what looks to be some very uncomfortable poses. Someone should tell her it's dangerous to do yoga in heels. She probably wouldn't listen though. She's notorious for having things her own way. Even though she and Jude are broken up, she refuses to take off the ring he gave her, despite the fact that he drove her to therapy. But that didn't go well either. Here's more:

What had begun as the most exciting year in Miller's career devolved into one of her most traumatic when, in July 2005, Jude Law publicly admitted to cheating on Miller with his children's nanny. The affair sparked a tabloid frenzy that only intensified a few months later, when the actress decided to take Law back. "There were times when I felt like it was all just too much to deal with," she recalls, declining to share the details. (Miller admits that she's tried therapy, but after angrily calling the therapist a "cow" in response to a particularly difficult question in the first session, she was told she was still in trauma and not ready for analysis. She has not been back since.) The media, Miller adds, "is just a bigger animal than I will ever be. It just becomes this soap opera. And I guess I had a pretty good few episodes."

Today, Miller is unsure about how she wants to publicly define her relationship with Law. While her engagement ring is long gone, she's wearing an Irish Claddagh ring on her middle finger, with diamonds in the center heart. It was a gift from Law. If a woman wears the heart facing inward, it is said to mean that her heart is taken. If facing the other way, her heart is still open. When it's pointed out that Miller has the heart facing in, she takes it off and holds it sideways against her finger. "What does it mean if it's like this?" she says, jokingly, before explaining further. "I'm wearing it because it's a beautiful ring, and he's a very close person in my life."

Sienna's mouth sure does get her into lots of trouble. If she's comfortable enough to say something like that to her therapist, we kind of understand why Jude isn't with her anymore. For more pics of the spread just