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sapphireinthesky sapphireinthesky 10 years
i hope sienna has better taste. And i don't even like her
teddybear teddybear 10 years
"I think, maybe for the general public it's not quite as scary that blood thirsty satanist were out murdering children as it is too believe that parents are actually murdering thier own children." ~Damien Echols~ I don't think anything is happening but if there is, mayber Kim and Diddy have an open relationship.
Wicked Wicked 10 years
I doubt she would be willing to be the "other woman" since the whole Jude Law and nanny fiasco.
BlondeSugar BlondeSugar 10 years
Molly, you crack me up.
popculture-whore popculture-whore 10 years
i don't know... seems kinda fishy to me. maybe something's not really going on but diddy DID seem caught off guard.. oh well i guess we'll have to see
JK-Boogie JK-Boogie 10 years
There is nothing in this IMO...she is fame hungry as her career....if you call being tabloid fodder a going nowherenso she is clinging on to any hope of being papped. He has just had twins...I am sure he is too exhausted to be chasing tail. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Be an innovator not an imitator...copying is plagiarism and plagiarism is stealing.
BKNYGal BKNYGal 10 years
Oh wow...there is clearly something going on. Did you see his face when he noticed the camera..he was like awww damn! I'm sure his wifey watched the video just like I Damn shame. I don't think they are a couple..just bangin' each other.
DulceSkye DulceSkye 10 years
They would certainly make an unusual couple, that's for sure.
Ms_Magnificent1 Ms_Magnificent1 10 years
Right now Diddy is pretty much the scum of the earth in my eyes... As for Sienna...after how Jude humilated her she goes and screws with another woman's man. My she has such a big heart...yeah right.
Irishgal Irishgal 10 years
It looks a bit suspicious to me. Sienna and Diddy should be ashamed of themselves if they are messing about. Diddy is with Kim and is father to newborn twins. And Sienna knows what it's like to be cheated on, Jude Law cheated on her with the nanny.
OrenIshii OrenIshii 10 years
Uh, maybe it's just me, but most people who are about to have an affair usually don't have two friends tagging along.
playsindirt playsindirt 10 years
I smell baby mama drama coming down the Diddy highway.
dvdsky81 dvdsky81 10 years
Ha! Yeah, dude knows he got busted. I loved how he was all confident as he was going down the sidewalk to go in then he caught a glimpse of the paps and immediately stopped in front of the doors trying to look smooth. Then he stands for a second trying to look all innocent but you can tell he's thinking "F*CK!" Then goes into "screw it. Im going in". Then as the doors spin, he canges his mind again and does not go in. Yeah, He was totally going to "cheat" or whatever you call it. If not, he would not have acting so guilty when he saw the paps. You could just totally tell by his body language when he first caught sight of the Business lunch my
sashak sashak 10 years
ugh... I HATE her
lemuse20 lemuse20 10 years
Yech. Don't know what she could see in him, then again she's kinda crazy.
sugar_addict96 sugar_addict96 10 years
Pimp Diddy strikes again.
SaRaH-22 SaRaH-22 10 years
they both bore me to death!
paigesweetkisses paigesweetkisses 10 years
oh gross.. doesn't he have any decency
hotstuff hotstuff 10 years
Both of them are nasty!
Deba Deba 10 years
"But lo and behold, here the two are entering Sienna's hotel in NYC early Sunday Morning. Wow." WTF... Kick my bf ass right that moment
lisjaka lisjaka 10 years
I read that his girlfriend was at Sundance with him. I feel bad for his girlfriend she just gave to birth to twins.
carbizkate carbizkate 10 years
Oh my...weird.
aistea311 aistea311 10 years
I think she is such a waste of space. Hey guys, they do work in Hollywood, people do meet up to talk business! If this was just some run of the mill encounter between two people, we would say "oh business lunch!" ::sigh:: let it go about Sienna.
mar mar 10 years
Please, Puffy is always with other women. Every time I see him here on the beach he has a bevy of half naked ladies around him. Kim knows he is no saint. If there is anything going on, it's not Sienna's problem, I really doubt she is going to marry him or anything.
tifygodess24 tifygodess24 10 years
I still cant stand her.....
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