Sienna is once again making headlines for being a brat. This girl got in trouble with Pittsburgh and now her fellow fliers are complaining about her. Page Six Reports:

FIRST-class flier Sienna Miller flew from London to JFK Sunday, but had trouble following the rules. "You aren't allowed to use your cellphone in Customs . . . signs are posted everywhere," said a spy. "But after 10 minutes she pulled out her Razr." The source said Miller, who told W she still wears the heart-shaped ring Jude Law gave her because "it's a beautiful ring, and he's a very close person in my life," called the mystery contact on the phone her "sweetie" and said, "My thumb started bleeding again." Cell usage isn't the only rule the "Factory Girl" broke. "She carried two purses on the flight, though you're only allowed one," tattled the spy, who added Miller looked "stylish," except for her "half-black and really gross" thumbnail.

Oh the horror - 2 bags. Who does she think she is. Obviously Sienna did not leave a good impression if stories like this are being printed everywhere about the actress. To see more pics of Sienna fighting the cold in NYC with her beautiful purse but hideous boots, just