Jude supposedly broke up with Sienna because he was sick of her partying, but she says that she doesn't see herself that way at all. In fact, she says that she's not your typical Hollywood starlet. She doesn't go for bodyguards or personal assistants and she doesn't even watch her weight, let alone stoop to starving herself. In fact, Factory Girl's director George Hickenlooper had to literally take food out of her hand so that she'd stay thin for her part as Edie Sedgwick. Here's highlights:

  • On her eating habits:
    "I'd order an omelet and he'd make it an egg-white omelet," she says, laughing. "I thought, Okay, I'll drink vodka instead of wine because it has less calories. George would come along and actually snatch bagels out of my hand!"
  • On partying and fame:
    Despite her history of paparazzi run-ins, she prefers to do without personal security guards. The same goes for an assistant. "I just think the more you live your life like that, the more attention you attract," she says. The vast gulf between Miller and her American counterparts becomes particularly apparent during her extended stints in Los Angeles, where Miller, who has no driver's license, says her existence has sometimes been lonely. And forget about Hollywood nightlife—she insists that she's been to only one L.A. nightclub, once, for 30 minutes: "I can't sit and pose with a glass of champagne, especially at those places where you know there's going to be a photographer, and all those girls are posing with each other, looking like they're best friends, when they've just met."
  • On her perfect Sunday:
    "On Sunday, I'll get up at 11, get the Times, have my tea and feed my dogs, put a chicken in the oven," she begins. "Then all my friends will come over, and we'll sit around and watch football and eat roast chicken with potatoes. Then we'll have leftovers at 8." Miller stares off wistfully, before adding, "God, I sound like some bohemian lovey. I'm actually pretty rock 'n' roll as well!"

Guess we won't be seeing her with Paris anytime soon (thank God)! For pics of Sienna in British Harper's Bazaar just