Courteney has been looking amazing these days. Being a TV veteran, she knows the pressures of the business. Still, she's not too worried even if the tabloids write she's too skinny one week and looking pregnant the next. In fact, while on Friends, she says, all of her castmates were singled out for their weight. Here's more:

Yeah, all the Friends, I remember, we were all kind of taken down at one point for being too thin. And you know what? We all go through change at different points in our lives. Sometimes we get stressed out and we get thin. Sometimes we don't know that we're thin and we think we look great. There is so much emphasis on it. It is such a personal journey that people go through with their weight and I don't think there is anything we can do about it. It is hard, but you can't be responsible for everybody. I mean, look, I have lost weight since I started this show. Let me tell ya: a) I am working out b) I do love scenes and c) I've got a lot of pressure right now.

Leave it to Courteney to be refreshingly honest. I guess it's easy to be when you look as good as she does! So how does she stay in such great shape? Well, she's lucky enough to have an elliptical in her office. Hmm, I wonder if that will help me convince my husband to buy me one of those wonderful machines already.

Images courtesy of Celebrity Babylon