Tom Mison is dashing on television as resurrected Ichabod Crane — and in person, his charm is basically a supernatural force. And that onscreen chemistry with Nicole Beharie? Yeah, that definitely translates in real life. We caught up with the antiapocalypse tag team on the red carpet for a special season two sneak peek of the breakout show. Check out the video to watch Tom and Nicole compete for bigger scaredy cat, give hope to fans who are rooting for Ichabod and Abbie aka "Ichabbie," and more!

Now hold on to your heads — we've got more behind-the-scenes stories from the Q&A panel featuring Tom, Nicole, and the show's producers. Tom described entering his trailer in the early days of shooting season one to "use the loo" only to find a man with no head reading the newspaper on his toilet — clearly this cast and crew like to have fun while fighting fictional forces of evil. Tom also playfully called out the "sadistic writers" who throw all the alliteration and tongue twisters they can muster at Ichabod's dialogue, all trying to be "the one to break Tom Mison."

Nicole explained why she relished playing such a complex female character, and Tom applauded the show's consistent passing of the Bechdel Test, which requires two named female characters to share the screen without talking about men. (You'd be very surprised how many popular series and films fail that miserably.) As a genre show that interweaves historical drama, supernatural, mystery, and thriller elements, executive producer Len Wiseman maintained that what grounds the show is real emotion, and "everything else is totally crazy."

Judging by the first look we got at the action-packed opening sequence of next season, the crazy is here to stay. The scene features Ichabod showing off his musket moves in the middle of a Revolutionary War battle only to be interrupted by a charging horseman and then rescued by dead-cop-turned-necromancer Andy Brooks (John Cho) in his getaway squad car. To find out what happens next, tune in to the season two premiere on Sept. 22 on Fox!