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bethlineberry bethlineberry 7 years
Celestina1 Celestina1 7 years
GIRLS...GIRLS...GIRLS To all the ones who said that we are "haters" because we posted that A. Kendrick was in the car. I'm pretty sorry for you because, as a matter of fact I'm a big KS fan and I would be glad if she was with RP. The thing is that...if you WANT to comment in this kind of article, you should start reading a liiiitle bit more. Popsugar posted before this article that they were in the car with A.K. And just because we told you this it doesn't mean that we hate them or that we are against their relationship...please, before criticizing START READING A BIT MORE. XOXO Celestina KS Fan.
huntedvampire huntedvampire 7 years
Kristen is still in London, so let's hope she and Rob make the most of their time together! Well, no need to just hope, we're assured they are.
bella-girl bella-girl 7 years
Ana or no Ana, I think it's totally obvious they are together. and I'm not judging from this single photo but from all the pics I've seen of them and because it's normal for young single people who work together and spend a lot of time together to fall for each other. what I don't get is why people are so crazy about that. it's just a normal love story, not Edward&Bella the-love-of-my-existence story :) so let them be whatever they like
glayseir glayseir 7 years
i totally agree with you ube9
glayseir glayseir 7 years
same here.. all i care is robsten.... wish them to be happy...
mickee mickee 7 years
Why do haters spend their time checking robsten pic and leave a load of crap comment when they don't really like? I'm happy to see them happy together while haters will die of jealousy!
vanzalicious vanzalicious 7 years
I don't care about Anna in the car or not. The one I only care is ROBSTEN!
glayseir glayseir 7 years
Is it true that ROB finally admitted e and Kristen are together?... I just read from other sites that rob finally said they are.. OMG.. i wish its true.... i want me some robsten...
Blue2Love Blue2Love 7 years
I heard Anna Kendrik was in the car too, but I still think they're together.
glayseir glayseir 7 years
Why are the haters don't like the FACT that Rob and Kristen are dating?.. they are just dating guys.. why the hate?.. you're just making your life miserable. i feel sorry for the haters.... ROBSTEN rulz..
chile68 chile68 7 years
huntedvampire huntedvampire 7 years
f*ckin awful haters! i cant believe they still makin' all this damn excuses! ROBERT THOMAS PATTINSON AND KRISTEN JAYMES STEWART ARE A COUPLE!!!! just leave it to them haters, and dont ruin our fun! get the hell out of here!!!!!!
nicklover nicklover 7 years
Rob looks sick and Kristen looks shocked like they were caught.
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