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eileen34 eileen34 7 years
Hot body, classy lady, and marvelous hair.. Gerard Butler have seen it and had it all when it comes to Jennifer Aniston, and he still hit it and quit it, left and moved on to somebody else who is not as famous or presumably as good looking as JA.. There is something mysteriously wrong with this actress why do all the men keep leaving. If Brad Pitt left Angelina today she would find another man in a heart beat exactly what is wrong with Jennifer Aniston? Her fans should be worried.
Well, it's not like she has anything other than her body going for her. I'm not talking about her love life, I'm talking about her career. She's only going to be able to work these throwaway rom-coms for so much longer. Then what will she do? Anon #3 is dead right.
MGMT MGMT 7 years
me me me me all this is about maniston so what about her body i thought she was way over 40 and its not like she has a family to worry about !!!!!!!!!!! her pr is pathetic oh and look smart water as a sponsor on this post !!!!!!!!!!!!!
snowysakurasky snowysakurasky 7 years
"Wouldn't it be amazing if all the Jen haters didn't feel the need to comment for once?" i dont hate her but it sucks that the website that i loved for so long seems to be on her payroll. like to shove her down our throats much? i'm a girl, not bi or gay and would rather see girls that look hot head to toe in a bikini. for example jessica alba or whoever. or how about men since a lot of your readers are probably straight women. i mean if it was someone who was hot after she recovered from childbirth that'd be more interesting i suppose, but with JA who cares! please find someone else to shove down your readers throats. and not a simpson girl please! thanks
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