As if Becks multi-million dollar deal with Gillette wasn't enough, he and Posh are now launching a new scent for men and women. The fragrances hit stores in the UK next month and will appropriately be named Intimately Beckham. We know celebs make a ton of money off of perfume deals. I wonder what took these two so long to get on board. Looks like being dropped by the national soccer team and a failed solo album really won't get this couple down. Here's more:

For men, the line promises to bring the confidence of masculinity with a "magnetic, provocative, cool — yet never aloof" blend of grapefruit zest, bergamot and cardamom.

Also in the mix are elements of nutmeg, star anise, sandalwood, patchouli and amber.

The line includes cologne, hair and body wash and deodorant spray and stick.

For women, the fragrance line aims to convey "the essence of Victoria known only to the people closest to her," according to a statement announcing the new fragrance.

"An opulent bouquet of white flowers opens with the pure fresh notes of bergamot and rose petals that linger on the skin," is how the scent is described.