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Will Smith and Family React to Miley Cyrus at VMAs

LOL! The Smith Family's Jaw-Dropping Expressions Watching VMAs!

Miley Cyrus thrusted, twerked, and got sexy with teddy bears and Robin Thicke during her showy VMAs performance this evening in Brooklyn, while just minutes earlier Lady Gaga showed off her own ridiculous moves. During the audacious "We Can't Stop"/"Blurred Lines" and "Applause" medleys, the cameras cut to some of the audience reactions. Drake looked to be a little bit distracted during Miley, but Will Smith and his kids, Willow and Jaden, were literally mouth agape watching all some of the jaw-dropping moves. You should weigh in on all the VMAs performances and enjoy a smile watching the Smiths take in everything the VMAs had to offer.

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Dave14885575 Dave14885575 3 years
Miley needs a good strong dose of MATURITY and REALITY! Her childish and inappropriate conduct in public should be an example to other young ladies on how NOT to make a name for oneself!
Marc14839923 Marc14839923 3 years
Miley's trying way to hard! she looked like an idiot! Wtf is so wrong in being a good girl these days... with the way they act! SMH! These spoiled brats with the money they make.. Can't they think of doing good in the world? like feed the hungry, give money to the orphans or animal shelters. Maybe volunteer time where needed!!! Those runchy behavior is disgusting and disrespectful in every level!. May be if they were discipline as children.... Then again instead of showing disgust we cheers.
Dionne30063 Dionne30063 3 years
I love the looks on their faces Joseph14810569 was spot on with what i was thinking XD
RoseBud11 RoseBud11 3 years
So much drama in the Smith family.
Barb14819777 Barb14819777 3 years
Why didn't some of these people get up and walk out during her so-called performance after they realized what was happening; especially people with their children there. I have to wonder how her Daddy Billy Ray is going to defend this disgusting act!!!!!
Jackie14819416 Jackie14819416 3 years
That reaction as awesome as it is for Miley's performance, was actually for Lady Gaga during her performance
jellybellygirl jellybellygirl 3 years
We don't need to be seeing anyone doing simulated sex acts...Not Beyonce, Nicky, Britney, Xtina, Gaga, Rhianna...and least of all, Miley, who looked more like a cartoon figure in those shoes at the end of her sticks, devil horns, and nasty licker. Just made myself sick.
jellybellygirl jellybellygirl 3 years
The only ones who liked Miley's performance were Miley (who I think is Narcissistic), and those that find humor in others making fools of themselves.
umac40 umac40 3 years
This entire article is incorrect. This photo is a screenshot from the live INTERNET feeds from one of the 9 cameras MTV allowed viewers to watch live & streaming during the awards show online. In the lower right hand corner was what was being broadcasted on television, and at the moment this screenshot was taken, Gaga was in fact on stage. That's why you see the label at the top reading "audience cam"....all 9 internet feeds were labeled with what they were showing.
Michael14810035 Michael14810035 3 years
Sorry Geni but your believers have dried up and blown away like dead leaves in the wind... Miley is still a "wanna be" slut... and she's succeeding.
Geni14814298 Geni14814298 3 years
Oh ! come on people she did.nothing that... niki manaj.........or lady gaga..........madonna .....Britney spears .....cristina augilera . and on and on she was not naked , everyone is twirkin now days Shes young and a good singer ! People just need someone to gossip or hate on . But for every 5 haters are 11 believers
Esmay14812489 Esmay14812489 3 years
Oh no, you didn't !!!
Joseph14810569 Joseph14810569 3 years
From Left to Right: Jaden Smith- "IT HURTS" Willow Smith- "OMG" Will Smith- "DAMM GIRL" The unknown Smith-" I AM GOING TO BE SICK"
Jeff14810546 Jeff14810546 3 years
Will isn't looking to surprised :-)
Michael14810035 Michael14810035 3 years
Miley is a "wanna be" skank... nothing more... nothing less.
Jen14809307 Jen14809307 3 years
@Brittany no that's just an ad, not a live feed; Gaga is there because she intro'd the vmas. They were reacting to Miley.
Brittany14807995 Brittany14807995 3 years
thats Lady Gaga
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