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Snippet of Rihanna During Her Interview on 20/20 Tonight

Will You Tune In to See Rihanna's Interview on 20/20 Tonight?

Rihanna has a new album coming out later this month, but at the moment she's focused on breaking her silence about her relationship with Chris Brown. Earlier this week she appeared on GMA, and the full interview will air tonight on 20/20. She has said that she still loves Chris despite the abuse and goes into more detail about their relationship including what exactly happened that night in February. It seems that Rihanna is sincerely trying to help people learn from her experience, so tell us — will you tune in to see Rihanna on 20/20 tonight?

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GMarie GMarie 7 years
Folks on this site are less nasty (which is so nice!) than on some of the other sites that have featured this interview. I've been shocked at how many people think she had it coming or that she should just shut up. While I agree that a woman shouldn't hit a man, he didn't just "hit her back", he beat her bloody and left her on the street. He has a major physical advantage as well, and it sounds as though this was not the first time he'd beaten her. I don't say he's the devil or that she never did a thing to provoke anger, but what he did was WRONG, and there is NO excuse for it. Also, if she's going to be out promoting her album, she will inevitably face a barrage of questions about what happened. I think it's smart of her to confront the issue head-on at a time of her choice, get it all out on the table and get on with it. It doesn't strike me as false.
tutuprincess tutuprincess 7 years
a great opportunity to promote the album.
Pampire Pampire 7 years
For the record she said she didn't hit him, not that it matters anyway he should never have done what he did regardless of whether she hit him first or not!
FaerieBlu FaerieBlu 7 years
She is only saying what she thinks people want to hear. She is so full of it!
Pampire Pampire 7 years
Even IF she smacked him or whatever I don't recall seeing his face battered and bruised like hers! IF she hit him then yeah she was wrong but he went beyond wrong and could of very easily killed her! I feel bad for her, him not so much!
Iris1000 Iris1000 7 years
I am with you misslilyfication. They are pointing out everything Chris did and whitewashing what she did. She may get some benefit from this publicity in favor of her in the short run, but in the long run, I think not somehow.
misslilyfication misslilyfication 7 years
Putting my head on the chopping block here but... I don't think this incident was as black and white as the media is making out. A few people have said she was a violent girlfriend who would attack Chris Brown and apparently did so that night, pieced with what I've heard hosts of TV shows who've had her as a guest say she was ultra nasty to the staff and this may be true... sure violence is always wrong, guys are generally stronger blah blah but in human terms someone striking at you is annoying and you might lose it. Sure, there are A LOT of women who are senselessly beaten by their partners unprovoked worldwide and this devaluing of women is HORRIBLE and needs to be changed, but I'm annoyed by the politically correct move of making of Rihanna the postergirl for domestic violence when it appears that she may have been the domestically violent partner in the first place.
Iris1000 Iris1000 7 years
No, think not. I really used to like Rihanna. But she has been in the news so much until it is the other way around now. I will be glad when she gets out of the news to see if I can go back to liking her. Don't care what the subject matter is, overexposure is overexposure. And she has been overexposed with capital letters. Besides, I don't like it that hers and Chris' beating, fight or whatever you want to call it is getting so much attention. Other couples have fought and they did not get this kind of coverage. I say get on with it.
Pampire Pampire 7 years
Yea I will watch, I'm curious to what she will say and I agree with anon 17.
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