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So Long Alias

We knew ABC was setting Alias up for a fall. It finally found an audience with Lost on Wednesday nights but this season no one wants to tune in. While the show has not been canceled yet, this year the ratings have tanked. Is it because it's on Thursday or because they killed off Vaughn in the first episode? Whatever the reason, the show is ranking 70th in Nielsen's - that's behind Joey on NBC which has been the butt of every failing TV show joke.

We knew the show was so over with last seasons cliff hanger. Now the only reason to watch is Balthazar Getty, but sorry Bal, your just not enough of a reason when Summer and Seth come back. Besides we actually prefer Chris Rock & Joey these days while The OC has been on hiatus.

In other last ditch efforts to bring the audience back, there is now buzz that Vaughn is coming back Supposedly they want him for three shows when Jennifer Garner goes on maternity leave but the truth is the show is done - finished - cooked. Call it a day ABC and put Alias out of it's slow death already. Such a shame since the show was amazing in the first 2 years.

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