Spiderman 3 isn't due out until summer 2007, but some lucky fans got a sneak peak this weekend at the Comic-Con comic book convention in San Diego (remember the comic book convention in Entourage last season... same thing). Will this be the last Spiderman movie? Fans are hoping not, but they'll just have to wait and see. Here's more from Kirsten, Tobey and the rest of the cast on the third film:

"There will be some conclusions, though I wouldn't say it's necessarily the end," said Maguire, whose words were nearly drowned out by thunderous applause. "We're going to leave it open-ended. If there are stories worth telling, then we'll tell them."

The brief teaser footage blended live-action scenes with animation and computer graphics. It showed Sandman, a new villain played by Church, and offered a quick glimpse of Venom (Grace), Peter Parker's spider-like nemesis.

"He's more of a doppelganger to Peter," Grace told the crowd. "It's kind of a case study in if someone very similar to Peter got the same powers but didn't have a good upbringing."

As the director of all three "Spider-Man" films, Raimi has been immersed in Spidey's world for more than six years. A longtime fan of the comic books, Raimi said it's been a "super-dream" to make the movies, but also a "great responsibility to tell the story of this character that kids look up to as this great hero."

"Certainly you don't want to make anything that isn't worthy of their admiration," he said.

Based on early reaction at Comic-Con, Raimi has nothing to worry about. He delivered what fans wanted: Venom.

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