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So it was true. Star was scheduled to work until mid-July but due to her surprise announcement yesterday, ABC decided otherwise. Star was told not to come back and they made it very clear she was already forgotten. Barbara made an announcement this morning to try to clear the air a little but you could tell they are pissed at Star. Check out the change in the website in one day.

Star kept talking this morning as well. She spoke to Ryan Seacrest about how she could not believe Barbara used such a strong word as Betrayal. She also said she has been crying for months over this and thankfully her husband has been so supportive and helpful to get her through this tough time.

In case you missed The View, you can check out both Star and Barbara's announcements with the wonderful clip The Wow report put together. Watch Two Views here.

Also expect an announcement tomorrow about where Star is headed next. She will have her first TV interview tomorrow night on CNN with Larry King.

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PoohBare PoohBare 10 years
I haven't watched the View in ages but I would have tuned in to see Rosie mess with Star.
amisarcastic amisarcastic 10 years
oh yeah; is stars hubby really gay ? how does everyone know that ? i don't have a clue who he is. also, how many rude, unexpected, embarassing questions has old ba-ba asked some of the folks she has been interviewing ???
amisarcastic amisarcastic 10 years
i am sooooo happy ! someone, finally stood up to wa-wa ! why is she so powerful ? everyone seems afraid of her. come on folks, she is just a washed up old woman & i am not far behind her. but i would never, ever want to use power to have so-called friends. so star embarrassed her cause 'she didn't go along with the agreed script' where they all were to pretend to be friends ( aren't ) and will love & miss one another ( won't.) finally after all these years on the air, this show has finally become interesting. but as soon as the gossip dies down, the show won't last a year, unless they hire a whole new cast ( including wa-wa.) for heavens sake hire some interesting women.also, since when do we need a script to 'tell the truth'? thats show-biz folks. hahaha oh, by the way; i am not playing the 'race card' i'm just a southern, white woman !
My-Opinion My-Opinion 10 years
Never seen the show, nice pic bluediesel!
bluediesel bluediesel 10 years
Damn This Story About Star and Barbara Is Blowing Up All Over The Place! It Was Funny About What David Spade Said, Star Is Leaving And She Will Return To NBC With A More Annoying Show. LOL
sasha3 sasha3 10 years
that show will be ending very soon. it suck before they lefy and it will suck after
jaxon jaxon 10 years
I may not love Star but she certainly less annoying than Elizabeth Hasselback can't stand her. And Joy is just as annoying. I really think the show is winding down. I doubt it will last more than two more seasons and Rosie and Joy on the same show. If Joy hated Star her and Rosie certainly won't get along. There is room for only one loud obnoxious person or it will be chaos. They really did Star dirty. How many of you would stay at a job knowing you were going to be fired in a few weeks. I wouldn't I would def be out of there on the first thing smoking. Especially if it didn't affect my severance pay.
JK-Boogie JK-Boogie 10 years
I am guessing alot.
FxyTexan FxyTexan 10 years
Oh, and how much air-brushing was done to her picture?!?
FxyTexan FxyTexan 10 years
I can't watch this show (damn work), but it seems they had a great mix of ladies - with different opinions and personalities, which made watching it entertaining for many. I have to say I do not like Star. I'm sure she's not as bad as the media portrays her, but I'm tired of hearing about her and her "gay" husband. Who give a flip? Go cry some where're in Hollywood hon, get a backbone and quit crying to the media. Rosie could be a nice addition now that she's not the "Queen of nice" anymore. Oh well, I'll never see the show anyway....
Toronado Toronado 10 years
Pfff...Star WHO??
mle983 mle983 10 years
haha drywallgirl, i agree! good riddance to bad rubbish!
thedrywallgirl thedrywallgirl 10 years
Awwwwww...that's too bad for the alien posing as Star.
JK-Boogie JK-Boogie 10 years
Is this really news....I live in the UK only watched the show a handful of times when in the US and even I knew she left....the writing was on the wall...with her tacky wedding to that gay bloke.
MonicaNichole03 MonicaNichole03 10 years
With all the gossip going on they really need to hire somebody who is younger to replace star. Somebody that people who enjoy tabloid reports would enjoy. Haha is all I can say to Star ever since her Bridezilla wedding I have not been able to watch that show. I am also saddened by the fact that we will never see the Rosie vs. Star face off. Ethiopian Princess, I understand why Barbara Walters did it. There have been rumors swirling that Star was not going to return to the show anyways so why not get rid of somebody you don't think will last the contract? For Star to give that "tearful" speech and two seconds later call all the media outlets to let them know she was not ok with the ousting is a betrayal. If it was something that really bothered her she should have had the guts to speak up on the show and say exactly why she wasn't going to return. But now she will never be able to speak her peace and is going to make this into a bigger story to try to gain sympathy for herself. Something I will never give her.
Jinx Jinx 10 years
lol I'mCurly, I watched yesterday just to see the wrestling match, but there wasn't one, and it was boring, you're right.
pinkangelmonkey pinkangelmonkey 10 years
EP- no i dont think she owes anybody. she shouldnt have said in her book it was diet and exercise. we know that isnt true. im not saying that there should have been a special though the specials were good in introducing people who didnt know about gastric bypass to the surgery. i know that celeb's influence their audiences and to an extreme sometimes. i am just saying that she was morbidly obese and i dont want her to let her other morbidly obese fans believe she was dieting and exercising alone to achieve those results. we could go on and on about this topic forever, in my opinion i believe she has a responsibility of being in the celebrity light to let her fans know how she really lost it. there are people out there who are in dire circumstances and they dont know their options. yes there will always be people who say oh star did it so can i. and there will always be others who believe she did achieve those results with diet and exercise and have hope that at their weight that is all they need.
TruJrzyGirl TruJrzyGirl 10 years
Isn't this show on in the day, who the hell has time to sit in front of a TV during the day and watch a bunch of yentas go off and flap flap flap about nothing nothing nothing .... Haaaaa !!! Bore me to sleep .... All these women are beasts ... Except Elizabeth ... ;)
KimmiAnn KimmiAnn 10 years
I can't stand her! She's sooooo self-absorbed! Whether she's going on and on about herself or's always all about her! She'd always end up pissing me off or disgusted me with her skewed ideas and I'd turn it! I can't WAIT for Rosie to come! Good riddance to bad rubbish!
Romai Romai 10 years
If she didn't want a response to her leaving, she should've waited and announced it when both sides had agreed to do so. Instead she ups and does what she pleases, so the show has every right to say what they please about it.
MalinL MalinL 10 years
Can somebody tell me why Star had to leave the show? I'm not from America so I haven't got to know the story around her leaving The View...
lacoste1 lacoste1 10 years
I think the reason Star is making a big deal about it because she can't find anyone else who wants to hire her for a TV show and this is a way to make money before she tanks completely.
noelle987 noelle987 10 years
ugh i cant stand Star or Barbara walters!!! I hope the show tanks!
LittleBritain LittleBritain 10 years
Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed how "porno-ish" the opening PICS look? Especially Star's with the fan blowing her wig.
tiffsadork7 tiffsadork7 10 years
I think if any one of us got fired from a job they loved...ya'll would be a bit pissed too...and how petty of ABC and Mrs. Walters were for asking her not to come back....these people sound soo immature...this show is going down hilll fast...rosie should back out
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