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Star Jones Erased

So it was true. Star was scheduled to work until mid-July but due to her surprise announcement yesterday, ABC decided otherwise. Star was told not to come back and they made it very clear she was already forgotten. Barbara made an announcement this morning to try to clear the air a little but you could tell they are pissed at Star. Check out the change in the website in one day.

Star kept talking this morning as well. She spoke to Ryan Seacrest about how she could not believe Barbara used such a strong word as Betrayal. She also said she has been crying for months over this and thankfully her husband has been so supportive and helpful to get her through this tough time.

In case you missed The View, you can check out both Star and Barbara's announcements with the wonderful clip The Wow report put together. Watch Two Views here.

Also expect an announcement tomorrow about where Star is headed next. She will have her first TV interview tomorrow night on CNN with Larry King.

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