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Stills From Britney Spears's "Womanizer" Video

Are You Excited For Britney's "Womanizer" Video?

Britney's new single, "Womanizer," is available on iTunes today, but we have a little preview clip of what's to come. The video will officially premiere this Friday on 20/20, and as expected, it looks like we're going to see a few Britney alter egos in addition to her typical blonde self. Most of you are already loving her new single, but are you excited for Britney's new video?

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californiagirlx7 californiagirlx7 8 years
koko2233 - Me too, I love that song! Too bad she never properly promoted Blackout. LoveAngelina - I'm pretty sure you can photoshop stills too...its just like a picture.
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
i'm very excited for this video and the rest of the album. i think that it took her a couple years to get back to herself and it's about time that we're seeing the girl that we loved all those years ago. good luck britney and i can't way to see the full thing on 20/20
angelinemarie angelinemarie 8 years
yay, i love britney!!
jenwils jenwils 8 years
Exactly what I was thinking higgydt4
koko2233 koko2233 8 years
love her wish shed do a video for freak show
KAT0002 KAT0002 8 years
Whoa, she's really starting to look like her old self again. She looks great in the video!
Soapboxer Soapboxer 8 years
I love me some Britney! So glad our girl is back
SaRaH-22 SaRaH-22 8 years
sooo excited..she looks really good!
Bellarina Bellarina 8 years
i really can't wait 2 see her video!
Bellarina Bellarina 8 years
i'm soooooo scared 4 her! I hope it's the best video she's ever done! i don't really like the short black wig
spicyaroma spicyaroma 8 years
I love Britney, always have done, always will! So I def. can't wait for the video!
minxa25 minxa25 8 years
there always going to be excited about a brit video
briannaNicole briannaNicole 8 years
True story
Briandiesel Briandiesel 8 years
20/20 frequently has big name premieres on there. It is a little weird, but its not like TRL is a big thing anymore- where else r u gonna go to premiere a video?
briannaNicole briannaNicole 8 years
but...why is it premiering on 20/20? Is that weird to anyone else??
clooneywoman clooneywoman 8 years
TxRdRaider TxRdRaider 8 years
Yea!! I'm so glad she's making it right this time!
greenleafbella greenleafbella 8 years
go britney go britney! yaaa girl. love her. always and foreverr
crazyana crazyana 8 years
higgydt4 higgydt4 8 years
When there were photos a few weeks ago of her in the black wig, she looked NOTHING like she does here...hmmm...that's odd! Something tells me they retouched this video like no other.
Mesayme Mesayme 8 years
About as excited as I am to see if my sunburn is still too sensitive for Noxema cream...
Briandiesel Briandiesel 8 years
She looks beautiful- Costumes and stuff is kinda what a music video is about...
Britney-Kayla Britney-Kayla 8 years
I think she's so so. Some of her songs are really nice, like Toxic for example. I'm curious to see how this video will turn out.
Their stills from a video. Not photographs.
jenwils jenwils 8 years
Am I the only thinking these pics have been majorly airbrushed??
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