• After a few too many drinks one of final three Bachelor contestants accidentally spilled the beans about winning Andy Baldwin's heart. Wow, violating that confidentiality agreement is definitely going to cost her a pretty penny! - Page Six
  • George Lucas recently told Fox News that he was not impressed by Spider-Man 3. "It's silly. It's a silly movie," he said, "There just isn't much there." This is from the man responsible for Jar Jar Binks! - TMZ
  • Joss Stone says she had "no idea" she won a Grammy last year for R&B performance by a duo or group, but was excited to receive it anyway this week. We're sure it made her day. - AP
  • Tom Sizemore, who's already on probation for a prior drug charge was arrested with drugs again this week. Sounds like he's the next one off to rehab! - AP
  • Jamie-Lynn Sigler admits that her 1991 album Here to Heaven was crap. "There was no creative process at all...I hated every moment of it," she says. So is she offering refunds? - Page Six
  • Billy Ray Cyrus didn't have any hard feelings about being kicked off Dancing with the Stars last night. "I had a great time. I can't believe a hillbilly like me got to do this," he said. Congrats to him for making it this far. - People

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