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Sugar Bits - Bridget Moynahan and Tom Brady Split

  • Six Degrees actress Bridget Moynahan and New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady have broken-up after three years together. Another celebrity couple bites the dust. - US Weekly
  • Rosie has apologized for mocking spoken Chinese on The View but UNITY, an association that represents "journalists of color" say it's not enough. It'll probably be a while before Rosie does anything like this again. - AP
  • Star Jones gets a new job as a substitute radio host - well it's a start of a not wanted
    comeback. Wonder what she'll say about Rosie's recent controversy. - Star Magazine
  • George Michael is planning his first US tour in 15 years this spring. Let's hope he leaves his pot and and other bad habits at home. - People
  • Donald Trump and other organizers of the Miss USA pageant are considering stripping Tara Conner of her crown due to bad behavior and inappropriate conduct at NY bars. How is a woman who won a contest partly based on her appearance in a bikini expected to act, exactly? - AP
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