• Charlie Sheen and his girlfriend Brooke Mueller got engaged in Costa Rica over the weekend. We can only assume that Brooke doesn't read the tabloids. - Us Weekly
  • During a comedy routine on her recent family cruise, Rosie O'Donnell drew devil horns, facial hair, and a tail on a picture of Elizabeth Hasselbeck while laying into her former View cohost. Wow, Rosie really can't let things go, can she? - Us Weekly
  • NASCAR's Jeff Gordon and his wife Ingrid showed off their beautiful new baby girl, Ella Sophia, who was born on June 20. Congrats to the new family! - People
  • Busta Rhymes will have to stand trial four separate times in New York for charges of assault and driving violations he's racked up in the past year. Hope he's comfortable in the courtroom. - Reuters
  • Ivanka Trump told Ryan Seacrest that there's "zero chance" she'd join The View as a co-host. It would probably have been awkward discussing her father as a hot topic anyway. - People