• A priest who has been sending creepy letters to Conan O'Brien for over a year was arrested Friday and charged with harassment and stalking after attempting to attend a taping of Late Night. Maybe Conan can benefit from the writer's strike by hiding out for awhile. — The NY Times
  • Rosie O'Donnell will not be starting her own primetime talk show, as negotiations with MSNBC have fallen through. At least she'll always have her blog. — AP
  • Sales estimates of Jay-Z's latest album, American Gangster, project that the rapper with have his tenth #1 album next week. That probably means we'll be seeing an eleventh. — Reuters
  • Rumored couple Ashley Olsen and Lance Armstrong apparently checked into NYC's SoHo House last weekend, although they booked separate rooms. Sounds like it was a pretty, wait for it, Full House. — Us Weekly
  • Alec Baldwin has attracted attention for another set of rude comments that he directed towards his own NYC neighborhood, the Upper West Side, which he called dirty and crowded by too many midpriced restaurants. Apparently he was just expressing his views on "urban development," but he should probably learn to keep his mouth shut. — The Scoop