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Celebrity Kids
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Sugar Bits - Disturbia and Shia LaBeouf No. 1 at the Box Office

  • Disturbia came out of nowhere to take the top spot at the Box Office this weekend with $23 mil sending Blades of Glory to second place. Looks like Shia LaBeouf is living up to the hype. - BuzzSugar
  • A Penthouse model says that Jared Leto isn't that great in bed. She gives him a 7 out of 10. Somehow we don't think this will deflate his ego any. - Page Six
  • Regis returns on April 26 after taking six weeks to recover from triple heart bypass surgery. We love Regis but we'll miss those fabulous substitutes like Anderson Cooper, Damien Fahey, and Kelly's cute hubby Mark Consuelos. ap
  • Marilyn Manson says that he's found his double in 19-year-old girlfriend Evan Rachel Wood and refers to her as his twin. We were thinking more like Dita's twin. - People
  • Clothes from Anna Nicole Smith's unreleased Tex Sex clothing line are being auctioned off on eBay starting at $10,000 for a pink tank top. and the ANS headlines continue. - The Scoop


Join The Conversation
JKe895 JKe895 10 years
diva_22 diva_22 10 years
I am not surprised about Shia. He is adorable, and a pretty good actor! I am also not surprised about Jared L. Any man that wears that much eyeliner and acts like that much of a divo is so self-centered he would be horrible in bed. He probably was not even thinking about the woman he was with.
miss915 miss915 10 years
he is hot..ive loved him since even stevens
tlsgirl tlsgirl 10 years
Seriously, I might vomit on myself if I had to even touch Marily Manson. Actually, I think I'd prefer vomiting on myself.
colormesticky colormesticky 10 years
Good for Shia! I always say the same thing, but I wish him nothing but the best. Stupid Jared Leto. I hate you. So very, very much.
lorenashley lorenashley 10 years
LOL--I guess a 1 out of 10 would be worst. I just can't see Jared Leto being a powerhouse in the sack. He may not even get a 7 from me.
JennaV JennaV 10 years
Hmmm...I am not the least bit surprised Jared Leto is a disappointment in bed.
treb treb 10 years
I loved Even Stevens...he was the best part of that show. I didn't have a crush on him because I was far too old to not feel dirty about it, but I would have if I wasn't. :) And frankly, I'd be proud of a 7/10 in bed. Who's perfect???
ilove2ski ilove2ski 10 years
ooohhh I want to see this!! ..If you see us in the club we'll be acting real nice if you see us on the floor you'll be watchin all night..
BlondeSugar BlondeSugar 10 years
I can't stand Jared Leto. :sick:
ElleJay ElleJay 10 years
I saw Distubia this weekend- so good. I also have to admit that i know have a little crush on Shia. ~*Elle Jay*~
PrissyLilBadAss PrissyLilBadAss 10 years
I had no doubts he'd do well with this film. I remember him playing a mentally handicapped kid in a Disney movie and I was blown away by his performance. He was also fantastic in "The Greatest Game Ever Played". I can't wait to see more good things from this talented young man! "Party like a rock star, pound like a porn star, play like an all star!"
krisua krisua 10 years
Interesting title for a movie...
ilove2ski ilove2ski 10 years
Im not going to lie not all the money in the world could get me to date him. ..If you see us in the club we'll be acting real nice if you see us on the floor you'll be watchin all night..
VaneM77 VaneM77 10 years
I wonder how Chrissy Carlson Romano feels about his success??? LOL! I love Louis Stevens!
flutterpie flutterpie 10 years
wow who would of thought that evan rachel wood was freaky enough for marilyn manson? whoo hoo shia! why is it harder to believe keith richards didnt snort his father?
futonfighter futonfighter 10 years
1. I'm sure Jared Leto figures 7/10 is a pass anyway, so what does it matter. 2. I'm sure Evan is a real 'Dita that won't ask awkward questions' for Marilyn. When guys can't deal with the real issue, they tend to go younger.
hollywoodmama hollywoodmama 10 years
Shia LaBeouf has really carved a name for himself he has shed the disney wings and is becoming a household name... i havent watch tho! Wow the film even beat Perfect Stranger....
tifygodess24 tifygodess24 10 years
I can only imagine that anyone who dates MM needs true help. This 19 must want the attention or something ,because this man is not normal by any means.
t_hive88 t_hive88 10 years
True ashley. I don't understand how MM gets women at all though! :sick: "Aint nobody out there swift like this."
ashleycakes ashleycakes 10 years
It is so sad that people are capitalizing off of ANS's death. There's no way that company could have sold a tank top for $10,000 before she died!! Mariyln Manson is so gross, I don't understand how he keeps getting all these gorgeous women!! __________ Zing!!
ilove2ski ilove2ski 10 years
I agree thive I wish that everyone could just leave her alone and let her rest in peace. So sad. ..If you see us in the club we'll be acting real nice if you see us on the floor you'll be watchin all night..
ilove2ski ilove2ski 10 years
Marilyn Manson :sick: That girl looks so normal ..If you see us in the club we'll be acting real nice if you see us on the floor you'll be watchin all night..
t_hive88 t_hive88 10 years
I love Even Stevens. I wish I would have saw that this weekend, I heard it was pretty good. Jared Leto is becoming more and more of a tool, IMO. I'm glad that Regis is doing good and coming back! That's pretty darn gross that MM is dating a 19 year old, but I really didn't expect any more from him. I wish they would just leave Anna and everything to do with Anna alone! "Aint nobody out there swift like this."
aprild aprild 10 years
Haha, Louis Stevens..
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