• Eddie Van Halen has entered rehab again, forcing him to miss his induction into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. Guess that reunion tour's gonna have to wait, too. - TMZ
  • Anderson Cooper was only one of the lucky celebs who got to roast Graydon Carter at a gala this week. Among other jabs he said VF staffers hadn't seen Carter at the office in over two years! Well whatever he's doing seems to be working! - R&M
  • Rumor has it that Linda Evangelista is expecting again, this time the father is said to be billionaire Peter Morton. We're sure Harry will be thrilled to have someone else to split his inheritance with. - Page Six
  • After finding God, Suge Knight says he's ready to ditch Death Row records and start anew. That sounds like a good idea. - Page Six
  • Kate Walsh says she's becoming more and more like her maneater character Addison on Grey's. Her workaholism tends to leave her feeling a little desperate when it comes to men. Hopefully the men in her life are as hot as the ones she gets on the show! - People
  • Turns out that rumor that Kanye West was paying $4,000 to fly a chef out to cook him dinner was just that. Guess he's not such a fan of curry after all. - YumSugar