• Today is the 30th anniversary of Elvis Pressley's death and to honor him, fans from all over the world are making trips to the site of his birth in Mississippi, where one fan died and others were hospitalized due to extreme heat. Obviously the legend hasn't lost his strong fan base since his tragic death. - AP
  • Amy Winehouse walked out of rehab yesterday after staying for less than 48 hours. Hopefully her friends and family will find a way to get her the help she needs. - The Sun
  • A Broadway musical inspired by Clay Aiken and his fan base has closed down after only one day. Why does this not surprise us? - TMZ
  • Bachelor Andy Baldwin and his fiancée Tessa Horst have decided to call off their engagement after three months. Guess some relationships are more fun when the cameras are rolling. - InTouch
  • House costars Jennifer Morrison and Jesse Spencer have also decided to called off their engagement, although they will continue working together. We bet that could get a little awkward. - People