• Gwen Stefani, a Southern California native, has announced that she is donating the profits of her upcoming San Diego concert to a fire relief charity. It's always nice to hear when celebs don't forget where they came from. — E! Online
  • Kid Rock will not be charged following his VMA fight with Tommy Lee, after Tommy asked the police not to prosecute. Maybe he realized that fighting over newlywed Pamela Anderson is a lost cause. — Extra
  • In response to Eva Mendes saying Joaquin Phoenix acted like a "puppy dog or a 2-year-old" on the set of We Own the Night, Joaquin Phoenix told Playboy magazine, "my apologies, Eva, but I had a few other scenes that you weren't in." Sounds like some friendly co-star banter may be getting out of hand. — Page Six
  • After the lukewarm debut of Brave, Jennifer Lopez's record label is upset that the costs to promote her exceeds what she makes in record sales. From now on she may be stuck releasing greatest hits albums, which will certainly leave her more time to spend with her growing family. — The Scoop
  • Brody Jenner apparently has his mother making phone calls to help him get in to parties. Sounds like he may be a little lonely without his wingman and publicity whore Spencer. — Page Six