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Sugar Bits - Hasselhoff - Divorced, Drunk or just sick?

  • We're receiving mixed messages as to whether or not David Hasselhoff was not allowed on a flight Wednesday because he was too drunk. Apparently he was having problems standing up and was vocally upset about his divorce, but his rep says he was just sick after taking some medication. You decide who you believe. - AP
  • Prince and his wife are ending their marriage. The couple has been married since 2001, and his wife has filed for divorce. Prince and Carmen have a history together. We wonder if these two will be there to support each other during their newly single lives. - Reuters
  • Russell Crowe won't have problems throwing phones at concierges anytime soon. For his next film he has rented a country home rather than staying in a hotel for the small price of $100,000. I'm sure there will be plenty of staff on hand if he feels the need to throw phones again. - Page Six
  • HBO has signed up Mark Wahlberg to executive produce a second show for the network. I guess since Entourage is doing so well he got the go ahead on a show about a shrink. I wonder if any of his life experiences will be in this one - Reuters
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