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Sugar Bits - Is Jay-Z Drinking Cristal Again?

  • It looks like Jay-Z may have dropped his ban on Cristal. A bottle was brought to his and Beyonce's table at PM where they were celebrating the birthday of ANTM contestant Toccara Jones Tuesday night. No word on if he actually enjoyed the bubbly. - R&M
  • Rumor has it the Republicans are gearing up to elect Governor Schwarzenegger to Congress in 2010. Anything to keep him from Jingle All the Way 2. - TMZ
  • Martha Stewart evidently lashed out at the courtroom sketch artist on her show Tuesday for drawing "those terrible" sketches of her during her trial. She is known to be a perfectionist. - Page Six
  • Casey Affleck's PETA ad is evidently so graphic it hasbeen banned from all networks. Currently the only place you can watch it is the PETA website. However we advise you to avoid it while enjoying your breakfast or lunch - The Scoop
  • Speaking of dead meat, Quentin Tarantino's upcoming gross feast Grindhouse is being threatened with an NC-17 rating. That would certainly be a buzz kill. - Page Six


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