• Jesse Metcalfe has checked himself into a rehabilitation center for alcohol abuse after it got out that he went on a 4 day binge at the Mondrian hotel. Another day, another celeb off to rehab. - Page Six
  • Jay-Z stays true to his word. The rap mogul recently ponied up $1000 for a bet he made in 2003 that he would never come out of retirement. A small price to pay we think. - Page Six
  • Lil John has evidently made it into the next Guinness Book of World Records for having the Biggest Bling thanks to a chain and pendant made of diamonds that says Crunk Ain't Dead. Um...congratulations? - Gatecrasher
  • Woody Harrelson's father, who had been serving two life sentences in a Colorado prison for killing a judge in 1979 died last week of a heart attack in his sleep. - People
  • Vivica A. Fox was arrested Tuesday night for a DUI in LA after getting pulled over for speeding and failing a sobriety test. Sounds like some community service is in her future. - TMZ