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Sugar Bits - Keith Leaves Rehab

  • Keith Urban is out of rehab and back to brunching with his wife Nicole. US Magazine
  • An SUV carrying Prison Break's Lane Garrison struck a tree over the weekend, killing a 17 year old boy and seriously injuring two girls inside. Lets hope the others involved end up OK - TMZ
  • K-Fed is working with House of Carters executive Producer Kennth Crear to develop his own reality show. After Chaotic failed you would think it would be hard to land another deal considering he no longer has his famous wife to pimp. - US Weekly
  • Pete Doherty was fined $1,525 for his latest arrest for possession of heroin and crack and will not serve any jail time. Talk about getting off the hook. - AP
  • Larry King evidently has a reputation for being a total loser in Miami Beach, according to a new memoir that claims that he was a drunk and a deadbeat when he lived there in the 60's. He must have been pretty bad for people to still be mad about it!- Page Six
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