• Lance and Sheryl Crow were spotted staying at the same hotel in Solvang recently. Coincidence? We think not! - The Scoop
  • Kim Kardashian has plans to file a legal claim against the people (or person) selling her sex-tape with former boyfriend Ray J. Wonder how she's going to manage to sue herself. - US Weekly
  • Sting is selecting 20 lucky Sting.com registered users to be guests at an exclusive Police gig next week at the Whiskey A Go Go. If you're passed over never fear - they're perfomring at the Grammys this Sunday! - People
  • Rumor has it that Eddie Murphy's new comedy Norbit is already offending people and might hurt his chances at the Oscars this year. Hey, it's worked for him so far! - LA Times
  • Remember that free car Jessica Simpson won last fall? She gave it to an orphanage. Silly Jess, kids can't drive. - R&M