• Lindsay Lohan has decided to extend her stay at rehab because she's taking her program more seriously this time around. We sure hope so since she made it obvious the first time didn't work so well. - Page Six
  • Nicole Richie's trial for her DUI charge back in December has been delayed until July 11th. Maybe by then we'll have confirmation on whether her alleged pregnancy can keep her out of jail. - AP
  • Avril Lavigne is in talks to star in a movie, in which she'll play "kind of a white-trash girl." Sounds right up her alley. - Page Six
  • Paris Hilton wants the world to know that she's being treated like any other inmate in prison, and that she's reading books and fan mail. Sounds like her life really has become simple. - TMZ
  • Naomi Campbell was spotted working on a commercial for Dunkin' Donuts. Is it cool for a supermodel to be endorsing junk food? - FitSugar