• Mel B gave birth to a baby girl this morning at St. John's Hospital in Santa Monica. She still maintains that Eddie Murphy is the father, yet it's evidently just a coincidence the baby shares his birthday today. Interesting. - US Weekly
  • Ryan Seacrest says he thinks Jordin will win Idol because she's "non-threatening, cute and attractive." Wait, we thought Blake was his favorite. - People
  • Mariah Carey evidently visited a Mexican orphanage with her lawyer recently and rumor has it, she's looking to adopt. Funny, she never struck us as the maternal type. - The Scoop
  • Rumor has it that Rose McGowan had an affair with director Robert Rodriguez while shooting Grindhouse which broke up his 16 year marriage and shut down production for a month. That must have been some affair. - Page Six
  • A woman has filed a paternity action to see if Chris Rock is the father of her 13 year-old son. She sure did take her time, huh? - R&M