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Sugar Bits - Mel is Back to the Bar

  • Mel is back to hanging out in bars. He was spotted playing pool at 2:30am in Austin, Texas Friday night. It's probably not the best place for a recovery addict who just got out of rehab, but supposedly he was only drinking water. - Page Six
  • The Superdome reopened last night for the first time since Hurricane Katrina for the New Orleans Saints game. The stadium was completely sold out, and packed with celebs who came to support the rebirth of New Orleans. Welcome Back! - AP
  • Star Jones and Al are pissed at the National Enquirer for claiming her marriage is a sham. She is threatening suing. Perhaps she is just working on a way to see her name in the press these days. - TMZ
  • Colin Farrell's stalker has apologized, but still insists she's not a stalker. She tried to get the restraining order Colin has against her lifted, but lucky for Colin the judge was smart and kept it in place. - People
  • Bobby Brown has to make some money now that his rich wife is divorcing him. He agreed to appear on the African-American-oriented cable channel TV One as long as they got him a car. Like most people in the business, one would have thought he just wanted a ride coordinated, but no Bobby actually expected them to buy him a car. No wonder Whitney wants out - Lowdown
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