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Sugar Bits - More Mel Coming Next Week

  • Diane Sawyer scores first Mel Gibson interview. People from all over the world were vying for it, but she claimed the prize. The interview will air in two parts next Thursday and Friday. Go Diane! Can't wait to see her tear Mel apart. - Page Six
  • Jack Black to produce a movie inspired by a New York Times articles titled "In College Football, Big Paydays for Humiliation" which will be about how big college football teams pay weaker teams to play them for easy wins. Can't wait to see Jack Black's take on this one! - Reuters
  • A man is suing R. Kelly, alleging that the R&B star attacked him and failed to pay him for a song idea. R. Kelly says the "lawsuit is a pathetic collection of half-truths, distortions, and outright lies." I wonder if this is better or worse than being accused of child pornography? - People
  • The hottest role in Hollywood seems to be that of Anna Nicole's baby's father. Two more men have come forward claiming to be the dad. Well, may the richest, I mean correct, man win. - TMZ
  • Jimmy Buffett is still partying hard. Authorities seized more than 100 tabs of Ecstasy in his luggage at an airport in the South of France. No worries though, after paying a $380 fine, he was allowed to continue on to his final destination of St. Tropez. - Page Six
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