• Naomi is being sued again by a former maid who alleges that the supermodel assaulted and yelled racial slurs at her. I guess she'll have to get a new t-shirt made. - People
  • K-Fed evidently left a very mean-spirited message to Britney on the shower door of his dressing room at the House of Blues last week. Just more evidence for her to use against him in court! - Us Weekly
  • Mario Lopez and Emmitt Smith tied last night on Dancing With the Stars. The audience votes will be the tie-breaker tonight. I cannot believe this show is so popular - It's scary - AP
  • While Dancing With the Stars and Grey's Anatomy may be making headlines, Desperate Housewives was again the number one watched TV show for the third week in a row. Killing people off does wonders for ratings. - E! Online
  • U2 won a court battle against a former employee who had attempted to sell a bunch of Bono's memorabilia in 2002. She claimed he gave it to her, but the judge disagreed. So, does that mean we won't be able to buy his stuff? - AP