• Nick Hogan was arrested on charges of reckless driving this morning, stemming from his accident in August. He was also cited for having a blood alcohol level above the legal limit and his family has released a statement focused on the importance of wearing a seatbelt. This distraction shouldn't take away from the terrible accident at hand. - Fox Tampa Bay
  • Mandy Moore and Matthew Perry were spotted on a date last week in LA, holding hands across the table and laughing throughout their dinner. This coupling doesn't seem real though the idea of this Friend and adorable starlet together make us smile. — Page Six
  • Michael Jackson may lose Neverland Ranch, after his bank issued a foreclosure notice on the property. Guess that's what happens when you blow your money on such bizarre purchases. — TMZ
  • Diddy, who completed his online search for a new assistant yesterday, will not be charged in last month's alleged nightclub dispute. Now Diddy's new personal umbrella holder won't have to worry about escorting him into jail. — AP