• An incoherent Nick Nolte decided to curl up and take a nap on the floor at the Kauai Airport while waiting for a delayed flight. Those airport chairs can really be so uncomfortable. - TMZ
  • Merv Griffin is currently being treated for prostate cancer, after being diagnosed with the disease a few weeks ago. We wish him well during this difficult time. - AP
  • Kylie Minogue and Olivier Martinez were spotted getting cozy in Paris a few weeks ago, even though they broke up back in February. Let's just hope he's changed his supposedly sleazy ways. - Us Weekly
  • Jude Law visited Afghanistan to make a film for the United Nation's Peace Day in September. We always like to see stars using their fame for good causes. - AP
  • Turns out that Adrian Grenier's mystery girlfriend is Melissa Keller, a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model. Vinny Chase would certainly approve of that one. - People