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Sugar Bits - Norbit Squashes Box Office Competition

  • Norbit may have gotten bad reviews but that didn't keep movie goers away this weekend. The film opened at the top with $33.7 million! Just goes to show that critics don't know everything! - AP
  • Apparently Bon Jovi isn't a huge fan of Denise Richard or her relationship with Richie Sambora. We assume it has something to do with one stealing the other's hair products. - Daily Dish
  • Apparently Larry King got into a public screaming match with his seventh wife in Beverly Hills last week. He even chased her down the street until his friends intervened. Sounds like Larry might have another wedding coming up. - Gatecrasher
  • Kate Winslet is planning to sue the magazine Grazie for claiming she visited a diet doctor in California. Looks like someone's going to be coming into some extra cash. - BBC
  • James Brown's longtime companion and the mother of his child has finally been let back into the house she shared with the singer, but only to retrieve her personal belongings. - E! Online
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