• Lawyers have filed obscenity complaints in India courts against Richard Gere and Shilpa Shetty after he grabbed and kissed her repeatedly at an AIDS awareness event. Next time, Richard should probably read up on foreign customs before travelling. - AP
  • Kristin Cavallari has found a way to capitalize on her fame by starting a bidding war between Tao and Pure to host her birthday bash (it's already up to $100,000) and selling pics of herself making out with Nick Zano. Way to milk those 15 minutes! - Page Six
  • Paula Abdul was evidently heckled by fellow passengers after demanding first class service on an airline with no first class. One passenger even said, "You're no Sanjaya!" Ouch! - The Scoop
  • Dave Chappelle broke the Laugh Factory record for longest stand-up performance last night by taking to the stage for six hours and seven minutes! Guess he wants to get back in the comedy game! - AP
  • Heidi Montag says that she was LC's "ticket to Hollywood" and her former friend can't get into clubs without her. Spencer meanwhile wants us all to know that Heidi has the world's greatest boyfriend. These two are a piece of work, huh? - US Weekly