• To stop the spread of rumors, Owen Wilson has apparently taken to using public restrooms with the door open so people can see that he's not doing drugs in his stall. For most people, it would be the opposite that made them more comfortable. — Page Six
  • JK Rowling and Warner Bros., the producers of the Harry Potter films, have filed a lawsuit against a small book publishing firm that seeks to print a Harry Potter encyclopedia, because Rowling herself plans to release a similar work in the near future. That firm probably should have known better than to get anywhere near the HP cash cow. — AP
  • Carrie Underwood's new album Carnival Ride topped the music charts this week, selling 527,000 copies. Hit album, hot guy — life is looking pretty good for Carrie right now. — Billboard
  • Rapper Da Brat was arrested yesterday in Atlanta and charged with assault after allegedly hitting a waitress at Jermaine Dupris' Studio 72 club with a bottle. She's trying hard to live up to that name. — TMZ
  • Dog the Bounty Hunter has issued an apology after a tape surfaced in which he used racial slurs to refer to his son's girlfriend. A&E, the channel which produces Dog's show, has suspended production until an investigation is completed. Looks like he's in... the dog house. — People