• Pamela and Kid's divorce has now been finalized, but neither of them will be able to remarry until after May 28th. Where was that statute last summer? - People
  • Adding to the celebrity splits is Johnny Knoxville and his wife Melanie. The couple are separating after 12 years of marriage. - US Weekly
  • Chris Tucker is reportedly being quite a diva on the set of Rush Hour 3. He's been demanding script changes and won't come out of his trailer until they are made. What if the script is just really bad? - Page Six
  • Mariah Carey says something is "clearly askew" with Eminem and that he is totally "obsessed" with her. Good to know she's so concerned about him. - R&M
  • Whitney Houston is seeking to fast track her divorce and requested a default judgment on Dec. 28th. We don't blame her! - AP