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Sugar Bits - Paul McCartney Planning Stage Show

  • Paul McCartney is working with a cousin on a stage show about his younger years. Guess that means Heather Mills won't be in it. - AP
  • Sly Stallone says that doing Rocky at 60 was no easy task. He had so many injuries he says every day was an Advil day. It seems to have paid off at the box office. - People
  • Director Tim Burton's ex live-in girlfriend is seeking palimony for their relationship that ended in 2001. Insert Nightmare After Christmas joke here. - Page Six
  • The deputy who arrested Mel Gibson during his anti-Semitic tirade says that he's being harassed by his superiors because the report was leaked on the Internet. First Mel harasses him and now his bosses? Poor guy can't catch a break! - AP
  • The remake of Black Christmas starring Michelle Trachtenberg tanked at the box office this weekend, bringing in only $3.3 mil on its first day. Guess people didn't feel like watching girls get slaughtered around the holidays. Go figure! - Reuters
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