• The Police announced their first tour in decades during a rehearsal in Hollywood on Monday. The world tour will kick off May 28th in Vancouver. It's about time! - AP
  • Benji Madden may not live up to his own hipster DJ street cred. No more tattoos for you until you practice on the turn tables, young man. - Page Six
  • Diddy has some issues with Naomi Campbell. Doesn't he know better than to get on her bad side? Watch out for flying cell phones, buddy! - Daily Dish
  • A flight attendant has been suspended after reportedly joining The Mile High Club with Ralph Fiennes. She says, however, he just followed her into the bathroom and she kicked him out. Yeah, right! - Page Six
  • Belinda Carlisle says that she was approached by American Idol producers a couple of years ago to possibly replace Paula. Wonder if this has anything to do with that whole Corey Clark thing. - The Scoop
  • Queen Latifah says she wants to adopt, but plans to do it here in America. What a concept! - People