• Prince Charles and wife Camilla visited the states this weekend. While there they met with Meryl Streep, received an award from Al Gore, and shot some hoops. All in a days work for a Prince - People
  • Record mogul Scott Storch is evidently upset that Lindsay, Britney or Paris didn't make it to his birthday party last month. Even after LL got all that bling from him. Just shows money doesn't buy friends. - Page Six
  • Friends of Isaiah Washington are saying that he's not anti-gay, he just has an anger management problem and flips out on everyone. Sounds just like another excuse. - R&M
  • Ugly Betty's Ashley Jensen eloped with her longtime boyfriend actor and writer Terence Beesley last week in Big Sur. Congrats to them both! - People
  • The comedy spoof Epic Movie debuted at the box office this weekend with $19.2 million while Smokin' Aces came in second with $14.3 million. Guess the Oscar nominations last week weren't very inspiring. - AP