• Rumor has it that Prince Harry is scheduled to head to Iraq with other members of his Blues and Royals regiment. He's made no secret about his desire to go but officials say his presence could put others and himself in danger. Maybe he should reconsider. - People
  • Kim Kardashian has landed a role on Beyond the Break, a teen surfing drama on the cable network Noggin. Once again a sex tape leads to real jobs. Let's hope in this role she keeps her clothes on. - US Weekly
  • Cameron Diaz was seen scarfing down two hot dogs and a side of nachos at the NBA All-Star game on Sunday. Good to know not all celebs are on a starvation diet! - Gatecrasher
  • In a bid to get full custody of daughter Beatrice, Heather Mills is evidently about to make an unsubstantiated claim that Paul was such a bad father to two of his grown children that they both considered suicide. Yeah, good luck with that! - Page Six
  • Mel Gibson says if he could do it all over again he would rather be a chef or a doctor instead of an actor. It's never too late! - The Scoop