• Prince has been signed on to headline the Super Bowl halftime show next year. Let's hope that doesn't include a wardrobe malfunction. - AP
  • More evidence in Princess Di's car crash is being revealed. The reports claim that DNA test prove the driver of her car was drunk. Can't we just let the conspiracy theories die and let Diana rest in peace? - People
  • Mel Gibson's gory Apocalypto debuted at number one this weekend at $14.2 million. Still, it's a far cry from The Passion, which opened with $83.8 mil it's first weekend. Maybe he should do The Passion of the Christ 2 - AP
  • Mariah Carey is fighting porn star-turned politician Mary Carey for trademark purposes. Oh Mariah, people already confuse you as a porn star so why start fighting now? - Reuters
  • AI's Elliott Yamin gets a dental makeover. Let's hope more comes out of his Idol success than some fancy veneers. - People