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Sugar Bits - Shakira Goes Back To School

  • Shakira has been taking an Introduction to Western Civilization class at UCLA for the past month. It's pretty cool that the pop star is still taking time out to further her education. - AP
  • Not long after Ronald Goldman's family made an appearance on Oprah yesterday, O.J. Simpson was questioned for breaking into a Las Vegas hotel room and stealing sports memorabilia. Some stories will never really be laid to rest. - TMZ
  • Guess Who's Back. Back again. Eminem is working on a new album, his first in three years. Maybe he can bring back a real memorable performance to the VMAs next year. - Reuters
  • Alyssa Milano has just signed on to act as a post-season correspondent for This should give her lots of opportunities to wear items from her sporty clothing line. - People
  • Apparently Fred Durst was arrested in October 2006 for assault with a deadly weapon and hitting a pedestrian with his car. We probably didn't hear of it until now because most people don't even remember who Fred Durst is. - AP


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