• The View is in final negotiations to add Whoopi Goldberg and Sherri Shepherd to their panel. Wonder if this is going to spark any new interest in the show. - LA Times
  • Bridget Moynahan's reps claim that her baby is actually not due for a few months. Guess that rumor about giving birth on Gisele's birthday wasn't true at all. - R & M
  • A man from Arizona was arrested after trying to get $1 million in exchange for not publishing stolen photos of Tom and Katie's wedding in Rome. Blackmailing a Hollywood A-lister usually is not the best idea. - AP
  • Rumer Willis was caught hanging out in a hotel room in Maryland with a guy who got arrested for marijuana possession later that night. Rumer wasn't arrested, but somehow we don't think Demi and Bruce will be happy to hear about this. - Access Hollywood
  • The tape of the 911 phone call made by the mother of Lindsay Lohan's ex assistant has been leaked. She sounds just as confused about the story as we are. - TMZ