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Sugar Bits - Today Welcomes Meredith

  • Meredith Vieira opened up her first day on the Today show this morning by saying she felt "like it's the first day of school and I'm sitting next to the cutest guy." She must have seen those pics of Matt's six pack - AP
  • The youngest Baldwin brother, Stephen, says he prays for Tom Cruise's soul. This is no joke. The born-again wrote a book on spirituality, and says Tom has turned into a different person since they starred together in a movie. - Scoop
  • If you don't ever want to forget about Paris' DUI, you're in luck. Check out her DUI ring tone. - TMZ
  • Simon Cowell was totally embarrassed in Miami when his American Express Black card wouldn't work at a drug store, and witnesses say he made a big scene. Come on, all the guy wanted to do was buy some toothpaste! - Page Six
  • Authorities in the Bahamas are now calling Anna Nicole Smith's son's death suspicious and say there may have been a third person in the room when he died. This heartbreaking story is turning out to be very creepy. - AP
  • Brandon Davis is clearly not over Mischa Barton. R&M
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