• Whitney is facing foreclosure on her NJ home if she doesn't fork over a million dollars by January. If that doesn't get her back in the studio nothing will. - People
  • My Name is Earl's Jaime Pressly has confirmed that she is four months pregnant. The actress in engaged to boyfriend Eric Cubiche. Does anyone have the baby after the wedding anymore? - US Weekly
  • Emmitt Smith wins Dancing with the Stars with partner Cheryl Burke. I can't believe we really just had to report that. - AP
  • Reports that Tom Hanks has fallen off a cliff and died while on a movie shoot in New Zealand are not true. How do you get something like that wrong? - TMZ
  • A German fan erected a 6 ton statue of the Shakira in Columbia hours before she gave a benefit concert for child victims of the civil war. The fan obviously missed the purpose of the benefit. - AP