• So here we have it, Mischa Barton's mugshot after being caught driving under the influence, in possession of narcotics and without a license last night. Finishing out the year, Marissa Cooper style. What do you guys think — could it have beaten Shia in our best mugshot of 2007 poll? — TMZ
  • Tom Cruise is in talks with The Kingdom director Peter Berg to head up his next thriller, Edwin A. Salt, after the first two directors dropped out. Hopefully this isn't shaping up to be another troubled project like Valkyrie seems to be. — Reuters
  • Kristen Bell doesn't want her new relationship with Dax Shepard to be used for any promotion, asking that either her name or Dax's (not both) be used on the invitations for the New Year's party they'll attend in Miami. Can't say we blame her for wanting to keep a romance with him under the radar. — Page Six
  • Brendan Fraser and his wife of nine years have announced their separation. For the sake of their three kids, hopefully it's a civil divorce. — People
  • Country singer Toby Keith and his family have been awarded $2.8 million in a wrongful death lawsuit, after his father was killed by a bus equipped with faulty brakes in 2001. Hopefully this helps bring him some solace after such a horrible accident. — Fox News